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Forward: Fwd

This piece explores the ubiquitous chain emails that were passed around the 90s.  As the story goes, a young woman is betrayed by her lover, kills herself, and comes back to haunt him--and now the recipient of the email will be visited by the spirit of the dead woman to suffer the same fate.  The curse however, can be undone if you send the email to numerous friends.  I visualized this urban legend as a cheesy 80's movie poster.

The Red Altar

(show produced by Nonsense)

Oct 18, 2019

The Red Altar is a one night only interactive art experience exploring the folklore and superstitions found in cultures throughout the world.  Featuring artists from Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and all across America, the Red Altar is more than just an art gallery... it's an exploration of our most feverish dreams and darkest fantasies. We're building a haunted house filled with childhood ghost stories, a temple to some of the oldest and most chilling tales in our collective cultural memories.

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