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Peach, Matcha, Strawberry

Boba, which are brown chewy pearls made from tapioca starch, is a topping often served in flavored teas.  In Los Angeles, boba (or bubbble) milk tea has become a very popular drink that has found it's way into the cultural landscape.  The term boba also doubles as a Chinese slang for big breasts or nipples, due to it's similar size and shape.  For my pieces, I've depicted three women as the desirable drinks many consume.

Neon Lotus (produced by Kinda Nonsense)

April 5, 2019

The Neon Lotus is a one-night-only showcase of 19 up-and-coming Asian and Asian American artists presenting interpretations on the most intimate and titillating of subjects: sex.  It's eroticism from an Eastern perspective.

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